Baby Adult Body Infrared Temperature Display Home Thermometer

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Model Number:Infrared Thermometer
1. With 3 kinds of measurement functions: ear temperature, fore temperature, room temperature;
2. Quick detection, the result can be obtained in one second;
3. No need to use earmuffs;
4. Time display: clock function can also be provided;
5. Power On Self Test (POST) Each time the power is turned on, the ear thermometer will automatically monitor the current temperature;
6. The head is uncovered: the head is unobstructed to make the test result more accurate, which avoids the temperature difference caused by the heat transfer of the metal cover.
7. Electronic infrared, head detection head waterproof design, easy to clean, you can use cotton or paper alcohol or water to gently wipe the probe. Users do not have to worry about cross-contagion;
8. Automatically switch the temperature, ear temperature and convenience with the head cover;
9. No waveguide design;
10. Calibration system for automatic products;
11. 512 measurements per second, you can get the temperature of the ear or forehead in one second;
12.LCD screen, green backlight display (15 seconds after measurement), easy to read results;
13. Energy-saving design: no operation for 30 seconds, the ear thermometer will automatically shut down;
14. Memory function, automatically display the last test temperature when booting;
15. Fever reminder: When the measured temperature exceeds 38 degrees, there will be a prompt tone and a fever warning sign will appear on the screen;
16. Suitable for infants or adults;
17. Power supply: 3V, CR2032 button battery;
18. Product weight: 70g

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