1:24 2.4G Wireless Remote Vontrol Excavator Eight Channel Alloy Excavator Children Charging Remote Control Car Toy

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1. The remote control can be moved forward/backward/left turn/right turn.
2. Automatic presentation function, you can press any key to exit.
3. The body has 3 songs to control the play mute.
4. Strong head, flexible movement, simulation, mining effect is more vivid.
5. The excavator bucket can be digging/forward pushing.
6. Simulated hydraulic rod, imitation metal appearance, up and down and more stable.
7. Simulated driving seat, built-in LED light flashing effect, more beautiful driving at night.
8. The excavator table can be rotated by 270 degrees manually.
9. Simulate the horn button, the remote control is humming.
10. ABS plastic manufacturing track is not easy to break and is suitable for different terrains.

Product parameters:
1. Product size: 31x10x19cm.
2. Product channel: eight channels.
3. Charging time: 3-4 hours.
4. Product charging: USB charging cable.
5. Use battery: normal battery x2 (sold separately), rechargeable battery pack x1 (sold separately).
6. Product material: environmentally friendly plastics, electronic components.
7. Applicable age: 8 years old and above.


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